Sunday, 1 August 2010

mydeco Design Democracy Blog Award

So I've had a few days now to think about what 'Design Democracy' means to me. Overall, I feel it's the freedom to freely communicate your personality through design. With so much inspiration out there, whether its books, magazines, TV or online it's hard sometimes to commit to a style. One day I like contemporary, the next day I like vintage. But does it really matter? We now have the freedom to stick it all together and say 'this is me'.

I nervously started my blog 3 months ago and I didn't tell a soul. I was worried that people would judge me, but how wrong I was. I have now learnt that in the 'blogging' world you can freely express who you are, your ideas and your style without judgement or negativity. I find that amazing. It's so uplifting.

So thank you to mydeco for my nomination in the Design Democracy Blog Award. I feel so flattered to be here.

If people enjoy reading my posts then I would really appreciate your vote. You just need to click here. Good luck to everyone else. xxx

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