Friday, 16 August 2013

Upcott Farm Luxury Cottages

The one thing I love about my husband and I renovating our holiday cottage, is that I’m allowed to spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet searching for other inspirational holiday accommodation around the country. I love everything about ‘getting away’ and I’d rather spend my very last penny on a beautiful hotel room than on a designer handbag, that’s for sure! So in my recent quest for beautiful accommodation, I came across these wonderful cottages at Upcott Farm. How dreamy? I would just love an excuse to holiday here and as it’s not so far away…maybe it could be a great meeting place for future get togethers with friends. I love everything about these cottages, and I’d oh so love to live in a completely white house. But sometimes, I feel so stuck between living in a completely colourful home, and one that’s just as these are. Serene, soft and oh so calm.  Is there a balance somewhere in between? Hopefully I’m trying to achieve that with our home, which by the way, is so close to being finished. I can’t wait to share it with you. Take care, and have a wonderful weekend. x

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